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Jul. 2nd, 2010

Taste of MN was a lot of fun today! We saw Communist Daughter, Retribution Gospel Choir, Haley Bonar, Minus the Bear, The Walkmen, and P.O.S.. Loved it all! Well, Minus the Bear was a bit too close to Kings of Leon for my liking, but everything else was great. Would have liked to stay for Atmosphere but the kids were tired/crazy and I was about to pass out from my headache, so we headed for home.

Looks like tomorrow's going to involve laying landscape fabric and mulching, at least for part of the day. My mom offered to take the kids for a while, so I think Chris and I might try to go for a bike ride or fool around or maybe get some more work done. Sunday night we're hoping to hang out with some friends and should be able to see the Midway Stadium/Saints fireworks from their house. We could watch those or the Taste of MN fireworks from our attic, but that's not so much fun.

I wonder if there's a good July 4 parade anywhere close by. That's the one thing I'm regretting about not heading north for the holiday - we're missing Ashland's parade and the SCAdians, FFA'ers on tractors, and the fire run before the fireworks. Not driving 4 hours each way with the kids is definitely making up for what we're missing, though.

Tired. Time for another tonic & lime.
I'm presently sitting in my yard and watching the dog watch birds. At least she won't try to chase them by going under the gate - I'm getting tired of chasing her around the 'hood.

posthaste and my friend Sarah came over yesterday and helped me pull up sod from my side yard. The tool I rented is awesome and I'd love to use it to take up the entire yard. The guy at the hardware store told me a couple times that the thing was really hard to use, which pissed me off once I started working. Totally easy, but I do have pretty rocking leg muscles. My arms and back are really sore this morning from picking up the sod and rolling the wheelbarrow backwards down the front hill, however. There's still a little work to do before I take the tool back at 11, but probably only about 20 minutes' worth. I think my favorite part of the whole thing was that as I was sitting inside trying to figure out how to dispose of the sod, someone came to the door to ask if he could take it. Hell yes! He seemed like a cool person, too, so that was a bonus. I should have gotten his number - always good to make new friends, right? I know where the guy works, though, so I could go say hi on the pretense of checking out his tattoo portfolio.

Today is going to be a beach day, I think. I'm feeling most capable of sitting on the beach reading vampire novels after yesterday's hard work. Plus, since Chris is going out tonight I'd rather not spend the day at home with the kids and be driven crazy by them. We may head out to the velodrome this evening as well - another good way to keep the kids out of my hair!

All right, time for a coffee refill.
So freaking tired. I guess yesterday has caught up to me. Kids are occupied with a movie, I'm going to go lie down.
Yesterday was hugely fun and exhausting. Chris got tickets for the St. Paul Summer Beer Fest and it was great. I'm still recovering from the falling-down-drunk episode last weekend so I wasn't in much of a beer mood, thankfully this meant that I was more than able to control myself and not do anything stupid. I did a lot of sitting in the shade in the VIP area, drinking water and eating free cheese and the cookies I'd brought. Chris had a lot of fun and apparently spent a bit of time chatting with a very friendly drunk girl, who was eventually collected by her husband. She was talking to me for a bit too, but since she was talking about weight and how too-skinny isn't attractive I wasn't really interested in or comfortable with sticking around. Plus I just don't have a lot of patience for talking to drunk people when I'm completely sober. Most of the time, anyway.

After the beer fest we headed to our friends' house for pizza, more drinks, and a bonfire. We took their tandem for a spin around the block - lots of fun but more than a little scary. The stoker on a tandem can't steer! Can't see ANYTHING ahead of them aside from the captain's back, as well. Chris's desire for a tandem has been increased greatly. I'm game, but this takes a whole new level of trust that I'm going to have to get into. It's weird - I completely trust him in many ways but when it comes to essentially being a passenger on a bike I have issues. Don't ask me - it's just my own personal weirdness.

Today is quiet, hanging out at home and baking, knitting a little. I want to get the kids to the library and probably somewhere else that I can't remember right now. Tomorrow we go pick strawberries, weather permitting. If it rains I guess we'll have to go to the science museum or something. It's been a while.

Jun. 8th, 2010

Frustrated, feeling guilty, and sad. Some of it's the weather, sure, and that I should have gone to yoga today but instead stayed home to drink copious amounts of coffee. Maybe it's just a hangover from the concentrated awesomeness of w00tstock. Yeah, I'll go with that.


What a lovely, love weekend. Saturday started out as questionable, with that thunderstorm trashing our plans to bike over to the Midwest Bike Polo Championships, but we gave up on that plan and drove over, hoping that the rain would be done when we got there. And it was. The kids played with other kids, we talked to a bunch of people and just watched the games. Lots of fun! I left the family at home that evening and went to the spelling bee at the 331 with a friend, which was delightful. I ended up as #3, I think? I lost track of how many people were behind me. My word was "entomophagous", which I misspelled by omitting the final "o". Oops. It must have been librarian night, because there were 3 or 4 of them in the bee, plus a friend who showed up later. If aflamingstar had shown up she would have been in good company.

We spent much of yesterday up at Newell Park for the neighborhood association meeting and music festival. So many great bands! It was wonderful to talk to so many neighbors and friends, too. Chris ended up going out to the Turf Club afterwards and it sounds like he had a good time. He's apparently getting to know some of the musicians - he said that he had gotten Sneaky Pete Bauer's phone number, which is pretty cool. I would definitely love to hang out more with this group of people - they all seem really nice and I can't deny that I like the idea of being "in" with bands. I may have groupie tendencies.

And now it's too hot in the house to do anything, so I'm sitting in the back yard with my laptop. Thankful for wireless internet. I'm going to get a wading pool for the kids and hang out in the yard all afternoon, since it's cool and lovely back here. Well, not cool, I guess, but it's quite comfortable with the breeze and the shade.

7 Good Things

Haven't done one of these in a while.

1. Stayed out way too late last night celebrating a friend's impending birth. So much love in that room!

2. 24 hours of MN music on The Current today. They're playing so many bands that I didn't know were from here!

3. Heading out for the farmer's market soon - not sure what I'm looking for but I love the farmer's market!

4. I bought new pants last month and they looked horrible over my stomach (but good on the rest of me). I'm wearing them for the first time today and they look halfway decent over my stomach! That's the part I'm most self-conscious about, so this is awesome!

5. Did I mention there were no kids to wake me up this morning? I woke up before 7 but it was on my own timing so it's cool.

6. Chris is riding in a 100-mile gravel race/tour today. I'm so proud of him!

7. It's gorgeous outside! Time to get on the bike!
30 Days of Biking started off with a great group ride. Between my ride over to Mpls and back I put on 26-27 miles. My cycloputer cut out on me a couple times, so I'm not 100% sure of my total mileage or time but I averaged 11.5 mph, which is pretty damn good for me. I'm a little stiff and sore this morning but absolutely ready to get back on the bike. I'm going to have to fit a short trip in somewhere, since I don't have time for another long ride.

As I was leaving the neighborhood to go to Mpls last night I crossed paths with a guy riding an old road bike with what looked like BMX bars on it. He asked if he could ride with me a bit and I told him he could if he could keep up with me, but I was on my way somewhere. He asked where and was shocked that I was riding "All the way to Minneapolis?!" Yeah, I know it's a long ways. But 3 years ago I was pretty sure I couldn't ride all the way to the co-op, much less Minneapolis. Now a ride over to Mpls is nothing. Heck, 20 miles isn't really that hard any more. I need to start pushing myself farther.

But first, I promised the kids I'd take them to the Maul of America and go to Build-a-Bear. I may have been off my rocker when I came up with that, but they earned it with good behavior this week. So hey, if it works it works.


I've eaten an insane amount of food today and have only gone 2 points over my daily allotment. Not bad, considering how ravenous I was after my bike ride.

Cut for the uninterestedCollapse )

Also, my pants are somehow loose already. The wheels of this particular development were probably in motion before I started paying attention to my food again, but still! I'm kind of glad I didn't buy another pair yet.
I started Weight Watchers again today. After all, when is a better time to start a new eating plan than during the kids' spring break? I feel like everything else in my life is out of control right now, so here's one thing I can control. I know that sounds like the beginning of an eating disorder but I'm too disorganized/lazy/hungry to actually go that direction.

I was pleased to discover that I'd only gained 1/2 a pound or so since December, despite not exercising and paying zero attention to what I've been eating. I'm not sure where all this extra squishiness around the midsection came from, though. I've been biking more but I need to track down my exercise plans and work on the core muscles again. That was pretty fun stuff and the achy abs are strangely satisfying.

So any unexplained crankiness on my part can be attributed to this, at least this week. Okay, I'm always cranky but now I'll have something to blame it on.