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Jul. 6th, 2010

I'm home alone with two grouchy, uncooperative children. Lucky me. We all had a great time this weekend and I think the kids are worn out now - they stayed up too late most nights and have been left to their own devices for too long. I don't have the energy to herd them out of the house and make them do anything, either.

I've retreated to the back yard with the dog. They can play swordfight all they want now, I can't see it.

I wish the library opened earlier than noon. That would probably be an effective way to get them out of the house, maybe. I'd have to let them check out a video, though, that seems to be half the reason they agree to go to the library.

This coming weekend is wedding-o-rama weekend, it seems. One of our friends is getting married on Saturday and we're going to their reception, which is going to be a blast! Sunday, Chris's co-worker is getting married and we're going to the wedding and the reception. Another hugely fun day, I'm sure. Chris's parents are taking the kids for the weekend - talk about fantastic! We've gotta schlep the kids over there on Saturday, but I can handle that if it means I'll get to have a bunch of fun this weekend. They're planning to keep Arlo for a few days after, I think. He'll love that - undivided attention from my father-in-law will be a good thing for him. Hopefully the MIL doesn't get him too cranked up, which is an ongoing problem.

I'm hoping to find some kid-free time in the next week. I haven't been to yoga since last weekend and I miss it. And childfree time for socializing would be nice as well...