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Jul. 4th, 2010

I have been reminded by several people to put on sunscreen. Maybe today will be the day I actually do it before spending significant time in the sun. I'm tempted to get some tank tops to show off my ridiculous farmer tan, though.

Chris just showed Arlo how to start a siphon to drain the wading pool. Just counting the days until he figures out how to do this on gas tanks.

I've laid the 16 huge pavers for our walkway but I'm going to make Chris arrange them properly for me. I have no eye or patience for that part. I'm insanely envious of the brick walkway my friend is putting in at his house but it's not something I see myself doing. Too much work, partly, and also just too much fiddliness for my taste. I'll just have to go appreciate his work when I need a brick walkway fix.

We've got a minivan-load of mulch to lay too. I just wonder how much of the area that will cover - I'm going to bet that it's probably about half of what we'll end up needing. I calculated that we'll need about 5.8 cubic yards, which seems ridiculous. I think my measurements were a bit off, though - I just used my feet to step it off and went from there. Finding a measuring tape was just too much work, I guess.

Well, back to work. Uffda.